Coming Home to Community

News travels fast in small towns. So, it should be of no surprise that the remodel of our new home has begun. Hopefully soon, you'll see our name appear on the building along with our "bank" sign hung over our new front door.

We received word from the FDIC on October 11, 2012 that we can officially open an office in Cedarburg. We hope to have the finishing touches on our building by the first week in December. In the meantime, iIf you need banking services or would like to chat, please call or e-mail us. We'll make it really easy for you...we'll come to see you!

Partnership Bank, a branch of First Bank
Speaking of names, Ozaukee County's newest bank will be called "Partnership Bank". Simply put, everything we do has always (and will) focus on creating partnerships with people who own businesses, civic groups, and those living in the community where our Bank is located. As Dean Fitting has always said, "People don't bank with a building, they bank with people."

The word partnership embodies our spirit of teamwork. Working together with the community, our goal is to make positive and lasting change for the common good of all. As partners, we engage, educate, and inspire each other, offering the best resources we have to support what we can be together.

Word on the Street
Recently, Vince Cameranesi, the president of Partnership Bank, was admiring our team picture in the front window of our future home. A couple walked up, looked at the picture and then at Vince. They paused, turned to Vince and said, "we're going to bank here", and walked away. Vince didn't know them nor did he have a chance to ask why they wanted to "bank here".

We all know that there's a lot of competition for your business among banks in Ozaukee County. But unlike our competitors, we also know you - our friends and partners.

New Bank. Old Friends
Partnership Bank has the bankers you know by name. Bankers you've banked with for 10, 20, 30 or more years. Bankers who didn't win you over by offering you a short term deal. The bankers you knew and trusted, now work at Partnership Bank. We earned your respect and business by working hard for you, helping to make you successful.

Thank you for your past business. We welcome the opportunity to work with you again at Partnership Bank. And please, when you hear your friends and neighbors grumbling about their bank...tell them about yours! Coming home, in December, to the heart of this community.


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